Salt and Light Catholic Radio 

Diocese of Boise, Idaho

Salt & Light Radio and its president, Keith Pettyjohn, have had a tremendous impact on Catholics and non-Catholics alike in the Boise community. With a mission to evangelize and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through multimedia communications, Salt & Light Radio is touching the hearts of the spirited people in Idaho. This important apostolate is operated by committed Catholic volunteers who work tirelessly to reach all corners of Idaho, providing service in both English and Spanish.


Salt & Light operates completely on the generosity of a dedicated family of listeners and benefactors. Conceptualized in the wake of a huge recession, it took two years to raise the funds for Salt & Light to come to life in 2009. The station has remained a steadfast component in the faithful lives of Idaho listeners.

Salt & Light has since expanded its reach with two more full-time stations in the Twin Falls area, in addition to its two initial stations.


The radio station has chosen to operate in both English and Spanish to reach the growing Hispanic population of Idaho. More than half of the Catholics in the diocese are Latino, emphasizing the importance of Salt & Light to reach this marginalized group. Salt & Light is one of only three radio groups in their network to provide bilingual broadcasting. Some of these Hispanic listeners rely on Salt & Light as their main source of information and in some cases, evangelization. Salt & Light has received letters and calls telling them their broadcast brought them back to the faith or helped them discover their faith completely.


Apart from the Latino community, Salt & Light has also taken measures to reach groups in all corners of Idaho. In addition to their regularly broadcasted radio shows, Salt & Light livestream on their website and remain active on their numerous social media platforms to help unite and connect all Catholics in this large diocese. Salt & Light is owned by a global Catholic radio, EWTN, which allows people to be engaged with Pope Francis and the larger, universal Catholic community with authentic Catholic news.


Beyond this immediate Boise community, radio accessibility allows Salt & Light to touch unreachable communities. Salt & Light is a primarily volunteer-driven ministry focused on evangelization and outreach to the unchurched: Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Salt & Light impacts the imprisoned, home-bound, shut-ins, rurally isolated communities, illiterate Catholic members and the lonely through its available radio service. Salt & Light Catholic radio crosses parish boundaries to build a community where people may not have one. Salt & Light has received numerous testimonies and letters from listeners assuring them their good work is not going unrecognized. Nearly 30,000 listeners tune in each week. 


“We always remind ourselves that, in all we do, our purpose is to help save souls! Even if only a handful of people are brought to Christ and His Church through our broadcasts, it will all have been worth it,” said the Salt & Light team.

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