Rhonda Miller

Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Rhonda Miller is a volunteer with the Project Rachel Ministry in Colorado Springs. Project Rachel is a post-abortive healing program that works with men and women to confront their feelings of shame, anger or remorse and help them heal from the emotional and psychological aftermath of an abortion experience. After completing her own post-abortive healing sixteen years ago, Rhonda serves as the project’s principal promoter throughout the Diocese of Colorado Springs and beyond its boundaries.


Rhonda is a healing group facilitator and has testified at Colorado state legislature on pro-life/abortion bills, speaking regularly at youth groups and pro-life gatherings as well. She volunteers with the Respect Life Office of the Diocese of Colorado Springs and the Post-Abortion Support Services through the Catholic Charities of Southern Colorado. Her work honors the short life of her aborted son, Patrick. Rhonda has been married to her husband for 26 years and has six children and eight grandchildren.


Through her public speaking engagements, Rhonda brings the message of healing and forgiveness to parish community groups, veterans service groups and legislative assemblies. Since her healing, her outlook has been enthusiastically evangelistic. She exemplifies what is possible with post-abortive healing and reconciliation. Rhonda believes that “a woman or man, who experienced an abortion, can be healed through divine love and reconciled through the Sacrament of Confession.” While Project Rachel is not limited to Catholics, its message teaches about God’s infinite mercy and the need to seek and accept reconciliation with Him. Rhonda communicates her similar message of hope, mercy and forgiveness in all of her speaking engagements.


Rhonda actively spreads the hope of post-abortion healing beyond the diocese in a variety of methods. Her charisma and credibility make her a sought-after speaker and trainer. As a post-abortive mother, Rhonda has been transformed by grace and action into a powerful witness for the healing of abortion victims. “My faith and ministry are so intertwined. When one grows, so does the other,” Rhonda said. “Once I surrendered to begin my healing journey, my faith began to grow at the same pace. When I wept and grieved, I grew and healed.”


Her commitment to spreading hope and healing through the Project Rachel Ministry is a bright light in the darkness experienced by many post-abortive men and women. Rhonda is the heart and soul of Project Rachel because of her own post-abortive healing that led her to dedicate her life to help others who suffer like she did. With courage and grace, she is able to share her experience and explain how God transformed her suffering into an avenue for revealing His mercy and healing. In addition to directly serving victims of abortion, she advocates for improving post-abortive services and assists in educating diocesan clergy to be more effective counselors to those affected. Rhonda continues to radiate hope and promote healing for victims of abortion.

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