Kim Coburn

Diocese of Tyler, Texas

Kim Coburn is the leader of the “Feed My Lambs” ministry based at the Diocese of Tyler’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This ministry focuses on hosting and providing for the less fortunate and serves, on average, 550 guests each month. Coburn manages the volunteers and resources, prepares the facilities and, above all else, loves the people she serves. “Serving people in need is what I am called to do,” Coburn said. “It pushes me to be a living example of my faith.”


Kim leads with consistency and conviction, and her ministry exemplifies Pope Francis’ call to be amongst our brothers and sisters and to serve, care for and give yourself to them. “Mrs. Kim,” as the visitors address her, manages hundreds of volunteers a year. While most ministries lack with necessary staffing and volunteering, Kim’s bright attitude and selflessness welcomes an abundance of volunteers into the church. “Feed My Lambs” is lucky enough to have an average of 25 regular volunteers with 5 new volunteers each week.


She leads one of the few ministries blessed enough to be overstaffed and have vast resources and volunteers to use for help. “Feed my Lambs” is a 100% donation-based program that has been successfully run by Kim Coburn and her volunteers for the past two years. These volunteers do not work alone. Everyone recognizes that Kim does the work alongside her generous, giving volunteers no matter how big or small the job is - she’s there from the first moment until the last.


Kim and fellow volunteer, Benny Davis, lead the group in prayer before each meal. There are available printed prayer cards for the non-Catholic guests to utilize. Prayer is central to Kim and her ministry because of her belief that all Catholic beliefs are rooted in prayer. Allowing everyone the opportunity to participate in prayer is vital to their growth as a faith community in her eyes.


The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception sits on the edge of downtown Tyler, where the most extreme levels of poverty in the city reside. Some of Tyler’s poorest people live near downtown, and “Feed My Lambs” gives them the opportunity to get off the streets and build a sense of self-worth. Kim is vital to this ministry by making a real and lasting difference in the lives of several people. This ministry captures the devoted spirit and unwavering love Kim extends to those around her. Those a part of “Feed My Lambs” believe that if every Catholic could serve in a ministry that re-charges them and fulfills them, as “Mrs. Kim” does, their faith and spirit would flourish more than ever.

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