Father Sean Donovan

Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The small Immaculate Conception Church in Pawhuska receives around 6,000 tourists each day and even more on the weekends. Father Sean Donovan, pastor, is a true disciple who has quickly learned to administer the word of God and fortify the hearts of both religious Catholics and non-religious people who are visiting. Every tourist that comes to the beautiful church are left with a lasting impression because of Father Donovan and his passionate dedication to his parish.


Seeing as many as 20,000 visitors on the weekends, Immaculate Conception is transforming faith as understood by those fervent members and curious visitors. Dating back to the 1800s, the Osage Catholics first settled and found their home in the Immaculate Conception Parish. Since its inception, the loyal parishioners have been able to grow and find union in their culture and faith. It is a part of Father Donovan’s mission to maintain and uphold the Osage culture within the Immaculate Conception Church - the original stained-glass windows can still be seen in this historical holy place.


Father Donovan enjoys offering the tours, meeting the visitors, and sharing with them the theological truths depicted by the original stained-glass windows. These windows manifest the combination of faith and culture that is represented through this historical church and its devoted parishioners. It is important to Father Donovan that the Catholic truth is spread to many during these tours. He wants both those of the Catholic faith and not, specifically the curious visitors, to know these stories are not fiction but they are in fact biblical. Father Donovan thoroughly enjoys these visits and the ability to reach existing and future Catholics. He is able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and plant a seed within the hearts of many. He is highly active within the role he plays as a messenger of God and leader of faith.


Father Donovan, ordained in 2012, also leads Saint Ann Parish and Saint Mary Parish within the Diocese of Tulsa. Dividing his time across the three parishes, Father Donovan is able to not only serve the hearts of one, but the hearts of many different people from all walks of life. Through his faith and dedication to the Lord, he is able to reach more Catholic members. He is a faithful Catholic who generously gives all of his time and treasures to many passionate pursuits in which he indulges. He has shared his gifts with many, bringing them the Light of Christ and leading them through his creativity and love of the Lord.

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