Father Paul Damien

Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn, New York

After leaving Lebanon 15 years ago, Father Paul Damien came to the United States with a bright hope for the future of the Church. Reverend Paul is committed to his faith in every aspect of his life and works to help everyone on their own road to sainthood. Reverend Paul is known for being the “shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep” because he is constantly sacrificing himself for the good of others.


Father Paul travels to Lebanon several times a year to support and help his two parents with health medical issues, despite facing severe personal health issues himself. Currently, Reverend Paul serves at Saint Anthony Saint George Maronite Church in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.


Previously, Father Paul, known as a sacrificial priest, served at many impoverished and desperate churches that he has helped restore with the word of the Lord. He has two budding mission parishes, one of which has been established in a depressed area with the purpose to expand faith in the community. He even volunteered to serve in the Eparchy of Damascus in Syria during a time of need, showcasing his giving heart and compassionate soul. Additionally, he served missions in Tampa and Raleigh even when he was dealing with personal health issues and was rather ill fragile. Still, he remained a good and faithful pastor to those in need.


Father Paul is known as a sacrificial priest because of his goodness and virtue and his commitment to always doing the right thing. He is a selfless man that sacrifices himself for the good of others and the advancement of faith. His faith is a true tenant which shapes who he is and manifests to those around him. Father Paul has made an impression beyond his parishioners and diocese.


Several other priests support Father Paul’s mission and view him as a good influence on the church and Catholic teaching. Those of his parish view him in extremely high regard, one member even saying Father Paul represents the “best of the silent heroes of the holy priesthood”. His impressive energy and zeal for both life and religion maintains the spirit of the Church that is necessary to make great progress in the parish.


“My priesthood and my life are ONE. There is no separation,” says Father Paul. “So, to be alive is for me to be a priest. This is not a job for me, not even a vocation, it is my Life and I like being a priest. My faith has a great impact on my ministry.”

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