Father Jason Charron

Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma, Ohio

Father Jason Charron is the pastor of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Carnegie, Pennsylvania. Not only is he married and a father to six daughters, he is also known to be a mentor and father figure to many in his parish. In the Eastern Rite Catholic Church, priests may be married. Father Jason provides those around him with a wonderful guidance of faith, exemplifying a strong Catholic family and inspiring all to live each day through faith. “We seek to provide new families with a welcoming, spiritual home in our parish through Catholic teaching, reverent worship and belonging to a community” says Father Jason.


Ever since he realized his call to God at just 16 years old, Father Jason has had a burning desire to impress and live alongside God which has empowered his work within his community. Carnegie is a small suburb outside of Pittsburg once known for its dying spirit. Now, thanks to Reverend Charron, the community is both very active and innovative in its presence and faith. Reverend Charron strives to live out his calling to spread the kingdom of God according to ancient Byzantine Christian spiritual tradition, and he has revitalized the community.


Father Jason is extremely active in evangelization, especially through his work to engage young adults and youth in the area. At Holy Trinity, he created and coordinates an active youth ministry that helps kids within his community and surrounding communities find and connect with the Lord. He has also created a men’s group, “Men Following Christ,” for all men in the area that focuses on and encourages both faith-sharing and life-sharing. Since the inception of that program, Father Jason has brought a dozen new male parish members to worship alongside his congregation.


Having a stable community led by a man of good faith creates certainty and security in an era of increasingly unstable relationships in families and society at large. Through his evangelist work, mass attendance and participation in parish ministries and programs have increased substantially since Father Jason became the pastor. His faith leads Charron to spread and embody the word of God. Accrediting God with giving his work coherence and significance, he knows that without this guidance his work fails. He says his faith is what lends purpose and good order to his actions and thereby makes even the mundane tasks supernatural. Pleased with the growth the community has seen, Father Charron still wishes to empower Carnegie through faith and His messaging.


Father Charron welcomes all to come worship alongside him, “If you believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to the problems of marital and societal breakdown, then come and throw in your lot with us and see about changing these ills by first growing in personal holiness through prayer and service to God, one in the Holy Trinity.”

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