Corrine Iron Shield-

Many Horses

Diocese of Bismarck, North Dakota

Corrine Iron Shield-Many Horses found God in a unique way. Corrine turned her life around while she was in prison by participating in a weekly bible study group and has grown closer to God ever since. She is currently married with three children in Fort Yates, North Dakota on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. She is known in her community by being the one person who will drop whatever she is doing to help anyone and everyone in however they need her. She is a corporal and spiritual worker to people of all races, genders and faiths.

Corrine is a licensed social worker and is completely selfless in assisting others. She works at the Catholic Indian Mission running the Emergency Food Pantry, a clothing give-away where she secures beds and other household items for the less fortunate. 

The Catholic Indian Mission is located on the sixth largest reservation in the United States, the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, covering 3,572 miles of both North Dakota and South Dakota. The mission is the largest outreach program because of Corrine’s work. She has ministered and had an impact on nearly 8,200 people of all faiths across the reservation. Corrine’s outreach ministry earned her the honor of the 2019 Catholic Charities North Dakota Caritas Award. 

Corrine’s work is not limited to the Catholic Indian Mission. She is passionate about helping the children at all of the five Catholic schools located on Standing Rock, especially St. Bernard Mission School where she helps more than 70 children every day. She also began a summer lunchtime program in Fort Yates where she made sandwiches for children left to fend for themselves when school was out during the summer months. Corrine is an educator and strong family leader, teaching both children and adults about God’s saving grace and bringing the light of Christ into people’s homes and in the streets. She has provided shelter and fed countless people who have come to her hungry both in body and in spirit. Her compassion and care for others goes beyond physical needs, and she makes sure to nourish people in every way possible.

An exceptional example of Corrine’s selfless compassion for others is her caring for a 102-year-old Native American elder. Therese Martin is a generous and well-respected woman on the reservation. For more than ten years, Corrine has taken Therese to doctor’s appointments, cooks her meals, grooms her, cleans her home and checks in on her several times a day. She is not related to Therese and has no obligation to care for her, but she quickly took Therese in and made her a part of her family.

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